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Helpful Information
and Resources

Anxiety Related Resources:

Relax Lite : App for deep breathing

Anxiety and Stress in the Brain: A video that provides a quick summary how anxiety and stress functions in the brain

Therapy Shoppe : An online store with a variety of fidgets and sensory interventions

Curious Minds Busy Bags : An online store with fidgets, sensory interventions, and distractions

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders,

Birth Trauma, and Infertility Resources:

Postpartum Support International : Resources and support for postpartum mood concerns

The Birth Trauma Association : An organization out of the UK working to raise awareness of post natal post traumatic stress and provide support

Postpartum Men : Geared specifically for men suffering with postpartum mood difficulties, this resource provides helpful information and support

Postpartum Dads : Designed for men whose wives are struggling with PMADs, this site provides stories, information, and a link to join a Facebook group for support

Mother to Baby : A reputable source for finding information about medications, supplements, and other exposure concerns during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Hand to Hold : An important resource for NICU parents with resources and trained peer mentors

Resolve (National Infertility Association) : Resources and support for infertility

Trauma Resources:

EMDR : Information on EMDR, problems it helps to treat, and and frequently asked questions

How Trauma Impacts the Brain : A short video describing how PTSD functions using an easy to understand brain model

Learning Brain vs Survival Brain : A video from an educational perspective, but very helpful in describing different states of how the brain operates and interacts

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